Smart assistive device

Unlimited, Ubiquitous, Universal, User-Friendly wearable systems for the activity and vital parameters of the user.

Smart devices performing unobtrusive, seamless transition between prevention, monitoring and support will enable users to carry on normal activities comfortably and safely even in presence of abnormal physical conditions.


Nowadays, devices are task-centered, rather than user-centered, so that several devices are needed to cater to different user needs. Smart devices that, via continuous user data monitoring, are able to respond adequately to the user need at any given moment, promoting physical exercising, supporting, or preventing accidents, will help users to perform target activities smoothly and without interference. This is the first prototype of a device focusing on walking activity: depending on the user’s movement data it adds resistance to promote physical exercise in normal conditions, it supports muscle movement during more extreme conditions, and it will correct posture and advice user in case of detected fall danger in a subsequent version.